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Updated: Jan 10

Morning all, trust you are having a great weekend.

As promised, I wanted to give you all an update, on the Solareum Layer 1 Testnet & Mainnet. We have been working incredibly hard planning, meeting & most importantly building. Our Agile methodology is in full flight. I trust this will give everyone a lot of information you all have been waiting for. So much to come, but this is the current status and we wanted to share it with everyone.


As stated by @TwoFlush on Dec 30th, 2023 [link], The Testnet is up and running, processing transactions. Moreover, through an amazing partnership we have connected 2 Tesla Powerwalls to Testnet, which are both fully connected to significant Solar Installations. Our first 2 PoG validators are validating & Securing Testnet as I type this. AMAZING ! In addition, we have a number of PoH wallets up and running also validating and securing Testnet.

โœ… Chain ID

โœ… RPC

โœ… Explorer

โœ… Domains/Subdomains Setup

โœ… Cloudflare DNS

โœ… Faucet

โœ… Blocks Processing - on # 173987

We will make an official announcement, soon, to invite developers (full developer program being developed) to start building dApps on Testnet, in preparation for Public Mainnet Launch. The Solar data connected now will be accessible to developers to leverage as they build out their applications.


In parallel to the Testnet activity above, we have decided that the best development approach for Mainnet was to launch it internally, early. This work is underway now. The reason for this is when launching a Layer 1 and attracting the masses, a high block count will help signify that the chain has been running, is well tested, secure, and ready for both private and commercial volume. This is very important when launching a Layer 1 and we want to be ahead of it.

In addition to having a high block count upon public release, this gives us more time to perform substantial simulations like DDoS attack testing, Node stability testing, Load testing, onboarding PoG nodes nodes to ensure they join the consensus quickly for robust data validation, API testing & deployment, Solareum NFT Onboarding and so on. Also, chain listings can take a significant amount of time so we will now be able to get ahead of all these things so that once again when we go public, everything will be in place, tested & ready.

โœ… ChainID

โœ… RPC

โœ… Domains/Subdomains Setup

โ˜‘๏ธ Blocks Processing (soon)

โ˜‘๏ธ Explorer

โ˜‘๏ธ Bridge

โœ… 3 Tesla Powerwalls (nodes available for mainnet PoG)


โœ… = Complete

โ˜‘๏ธ = In progress

Mainnet official public launch date will be shared when we get closer, but we are currently ahead of schedule all around! As you can see, there is more than just forking existing technology at play.

All of that said, I promised an update and I am SUPER EXCITED to share these details with everyone. Beyond all of this there is a tremendous amount of effort going into Marketing, Partnerships, Business Development, & additional funding. A typical week right now is 3-6 meetings with outside people/groups, along with the daily team and development meetings. The team is very hard at work, and I could not be more proud to be part of Solareum Inc.


This is a screen capture of our own Tesla Powerwall app, showing some of the current data being captured on chain!

Have a great weekend, Touch grass and enjoy friends and family.

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