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renewable energy

Proof of Generation

Pioneering Proof of Generation® (PoG) validation technology on the worlds first sustainable Layer 1 Blockchain.

Patent Pending Technology


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evm layer 1 testnet

Layer 1 Testnet Status ~ ✅

Read the latest announcement on our Blog, and learn how to apply for access to our Layer 1 blockchain where you can start building amazing applications, TODAY!

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how Solareum works

How it works
why we exist

why solareum exists

Take control of your renewable energy with Solareum. We believe in a world where you have the power to decide what happens with your energy, without any middlemen involved. Our platform, Solareum, enables you to generate renewable energy and use it on your terms. No more limitations on how, when, or with whom you use your energy. Join us in our mission to create a decentralized and eco-friendly future with Solareum, the first peer-to-peer renewable energy blockchain. Together, we can make a difference for the environment and society.

Proof of Generation

questions about solareum?

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A blockchain validated by generating energy, like SolareumChain, offers several unique benefits:

" By embracing a blockchain that is validated by Energy generation, we can make significant strides towards a greener, more sustainable, and equitable future for all. Join SolareumChain and be part of this transformative journey. Together, we can revolutionize the way we validate transactions and build a better world for generations to come. "

what solareum does

Us vs Them

Those familiar with bitcoin understand the costs associated with securing the chain. Massive amounts of electricity and computational power are spent on validating BTC. With Solareum, “miners” are rewarded not for spending electricity, but producing it in a renewable fashion.

Proof of Generation (PoG)
what w do

P2P Energy

Use your power, your way. By using web3 enabled smart meters/devices, Solareum tracks and stores your personal power consumption and production, along with any other users in the system. This allows independent parties to buy and sell electricity from one another on the open market by spending SRM.

Proof of Hold (PoH)

Transparent Data Retention

Easily view energy production, transmission, and consumption in real time on SolareumChain. Data held on our ledger is immutable and permanent. Invoices, receipts, delivery tracking is all publicly available so all users can verify that nothing is being manipulated.

PoG Blockchain
Green Energy Turbines

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